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Anonymous asked: Omg you look so pretty! (And you'd make a super awesome Wendy, btw.) And you're really nice, which makes you even more awesome! I hope you have a great day. ^-^


WAHHHH NO YOU’RE SO SWEET  (´•̥̥̥д•̥̥̥`̀ू๑)  ALSKDJFALKSJDFLKADJF. you’re the nice SUPER AWESOME ONE HERE nonny okay. thank you so much, angelcake, hope you’re having an amazing day as well!!!


Some people are worth melting for.

Anonymous asked: selfie time!


here’s sum g00be r hEY IF I HAD A HAT i could be like wendy from gravity falls *✧₊✪͡◡ू✪͡ 


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Anonymous asked: Vi you know the scene where Kristoff and Anna are running away from Marshmallow and they reach a cliff and Kristoff digs the snow anchor and all that and as he counts 1, 2 a huge tree comes flying towards them so Anna jumps and I don't know whether she screams "TREE" or "THREE" perhaps you can help me I'm sorry if this question is stupid :3

It’s not stupid at all! <3 She does say tree!



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