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Anna Week: April 20th - April 27th

Day 5: Post-Movie - Elsa & Kristoff

She finally has people who will always be there to pick her up when she’s down.

But how do you feel about Kristoff?
  • THIS BLOG IS ANNABJORGMANS  (HONESTLY if i hadn’t been a dum-dum and made this a sideblog to start with, i’d be content with this being my one and only blog because I’m mostly on here.)
  • I want a Kristoff doll so badly that i had a dream i went to a back alley at Disney world to obtain a rare one from a pretzel seller BUT HE NEVER SHOWED UP
  • a guy I have a seriously complicated relationship with asked me to cosplay the Anna to his Kristoff and I CONSIDERED
  • i’m married to officialarendelleicemaster
  • seriously
  • he gave me this ring
  • image
  • image

YOU’LL BE OKAY DARLING <3 they’ve got good drugs and it’s just another excuse to eat a ton of ice cream tbh


hope all goes well xx YOU’VE GOT THIS!

all right if he DID have a redemption arc this is the only one i would approve of:

  • Hans wears a red D sewn onto his clothes for the rest of his life for being a douchebag
  • he is also branded with the prisoner number 24601 and then NINETEEN YEARS IN PRISON
  • once he gets out, he gets shot with a bunch of arrows while saving some hobbits
  • THEN he gets his sword hand chopped off and he’s thrown into a bear pit
  • also we find out that he was in love with Anna and Elsa’s mom and he actually promised Dumbledore he’d protect them but idk ???? something went wrong man

and that is your perfect Frozen 2: Hans is Redeemed plot

annabjorgmans out


i'm glad at least u love hans.. he's my favorite character and everyone thinks i'm weird for liking him!! now at least i know i'm not crazy. btw who's ur fav character lol

actual picture of me (except imagine Hans’ face to be kinda red from me slapping him a bunch first)


(art by rollingrabbit <3)

no though lOL seriously YOU’RE NOT CRAZY MY OTHER BLOG IS ANNAWESTERGAARD alkjsdf of course I love him, he’s super interesting. I like characters who are crazy ambitious and complicated (GAME OF THRONES IS MY LIFE YOU WIN OR YOU DIE)

my fave is Anna <3 but I do have a super soft spot for Elsa ugh it’s hard man

i mean, to elaborate

mORE HANS + santino singing IS LIKE


but too much Hans and the possible destruction of an intriguingly ambitious cunning and dangerous character is like ????


Pt 1. of birthday gifts for my dear Ricki

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